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Turnaround services are our specialty.

We understand the importance of doing it right the first time. Our turnaround turn-key execution team is comprised of experienced superintendents, skilled supervisors and a workforce that is committed to high safety standards and quality craftsmanship.

Our turnaround execution team has the experience and knowledge to execute:

  • Turn-key unit work, exchangers
  • Process tray towers
  • Piping/valves and heater re-tubes
  • Vessel replacements/section revamps
  • FCCU “cat cracker”
  • Coker Drum replacement
  • Grass roots new unit construction offering total project general construction management

It doesn’t happen by coincidence, but on purpose, by professionals with a prioritized plan, partnered with the people that have a proven promise for performance.

USI Industrial Services’ unsurpassed level of experience allows us to bring your project our “Total Partnered Management Team.” Because your business and operational strategies are dependent upon your facilities operating longer between total maintenance outages, a comprehensive approach is required.

Total Partnered Management Team is what sets USI Industrial Services apart from its competitors. It is a combined team of highly-skilled, hand-selected, experienced professionals who work with your team on a daily basis as partners with equal and shared goals. This partnering has proven to bring significant benefits to the overall success of a project.

Prior to the project’s execution date, the USI Industrial team will arrive at your site for project development. This could occur as far as 18 months in advance. During this time, we begin developing the overall plan (using Primavera), the project goals and the budget parameters. We work hand-in-hand with your engineering, operations and lead maintenance teams to begin researching, developing work packages and exploring every constructability concept to ensure the highest level of execution for safety and quality. As a committed partner, we ensure on time, on budget, leak free re-commissioning start-up, with ZERO incidents.

USII has comprehensive tool trailers and an on-board computerized Tool Inventory System that enables us to track all tools on the job site to reduce tool loss. For heavy rigging work, we have a well-supplied rigging conex with certified lifting/rigging components to handle almost any heavy lift task. We have specialty heat exchanger extraction equipment, both truck mounted and aerial, bundle trailers, all designed to deliver world class performance.