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Michael Murphy

Michael C. Murphy Sr.

USI Industrial is dedicated to maintaining a safe workforce and project performance. We give our employees the proper tools and safe work environment they need to successfully perform daily work activities and then return each day to their families the same way that left home that morning.

It is the responsibility of our supervisors to ensure that our employees:

  1. Have the proper training to execute their assigned duties.
  2. Are given the tools needed to perform that duty safely.
  3. Are given the proper JSA for the job at hand.
  4. Understand and have read their permit.
  5. Have the right to stop any unsafe action.
  6. Are responsible for their safety.
  7. Will be held accountable for their actions.
  8. In a supervisory role do one Safety Audit per day.
  9. Keep task sites safe to ensure the safety of the crew.

USII requires that our supervisors not only work safely but also teach their trade safely. There is no task so important that it cannot be performed safely and without incident. Our supervisors are held at the highest accountability possible for their projects and at no time will one of our supervisors direct any employee to work unsafely or stand idly by as any employee performs an unsafe act or at-risk behavior.

Our employees are our most valued asset and our supervisors are our first line of defense to produce safety, quality and productivity through constant guidance and attention to their projects and employees.

If you have a consistent and safe contractor executing your projects, budgets and schedules fall right in line. USII is that safe and consistent contractor. Just ask us for our references. We have been rated at a .79 efficiency rating by third-party contractors brought in to monitor field performance by our clients.

Why should you use USII? We are willing to take ownership of our projects that you award us. We want what you want: success.

Michael C. Murphy Sr.
USI Industrial Services